Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association

Welcome to the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers Association (CRRA)

Welcome to the Cannon Rocks Ratepayers official website. 2016 has so far been a major year with the aim of updating the digital communications and visual interface systems of the association including the new addition of a community driven website to host community events, news and stories that enrich the identity and purpose of our community. Our goal is to be completed with our digital vision and community integration by the end of this 2016 year. We hope that this update and change is welcomed and supported as a progressive step towards membership communication transparency as we interface with local and governmental groups.


Emergency Services Contacts

Ambulance and Rescue
ER24 084124 Provincial Ambulance 10177 
NSRI 0829905971
SPCA Port Alfred 046 6241919

Fire Brigade
Port Alfred 046 6241111 046 6481032

Flying Squad 10111
Kenton Station 046 6481222

0860037566 08600ESKOM

Ndlambe Municipality
All depts. 046 6241140


The New Mayor will be giving a presentation, and answering questions from members of the Community, on Tuesday 24 January at 10h00 at the Cannon Rocks Community Hall. Please attend to get information first hand. Our community thrives with involvement.


CRRA Facebook Page


Awards and Sponsors

Current list of sponsors for the Cannon Rocks community and supported services and award winners.